fijimugginNew York’s own MiniMaxX & DJEJ are back after a lengthy reprieve with their signature style of dense, tropical moombahton. “FijiMuggin” picks up where  MiniMaxX & DJEJ’s previous project, Servezas, left out; Weird, spaced out vocals drenched in reverb fly across the stereo field, underpinned by the classical dem bow rhythm moombahton fans go ape over. The track keeps up the momentum for its entirety, with an energetic drop pulling out sliding, siren like synths over a booming four to the floor low end.  However, what really puts these two bass peddling veterans ahead of the throng like-minded producers is their penchant for crafting an authentic, dark vibe in their tracks.  MiniMaxX & DJEJ’s have a knack for procuring obscure vocal samples that sound like they came from the depths of tribal Africa or the heart of the amazon. This tune really gives you that sense of space and urgency that so many other producers of the moombahton have since overlooked in favor of more commercially friendly avenues.  Keep an eye out for the duo’s new EP “EDMPandas” which drops later this fall.

Listen/Download : FIJIMUGGIN – MiniMaxX & DJEJ

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