If I’ve learned anything since I started listening to Little Daylight it’s that they never quit pumping out music.  The Brooklyn trio released their debut EP, Tunnel Vision, just weeks ago and it’s been on repeat since.  The trio have this clever knack of creating the catchiest tunes in all of indie-dance.  Maybe it’s their ability to build on the track’s hook because each and every track is a road trip sing-a-long.  If a blend of indie music and a tinge of dance vibes wets your palette, then really give this remix a listen you won’t regret it.  The newest remix added to their extensive remix library is a track for Atlas Genius.  The track starts with thumping bass kicks and vocal samples laced in perfectly.  As the track progresses we get the undeniable hook and melody “If so, If so, If so…”.  Give it a rinse or two!


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