Thriftworks has had a huge year; from touring with Bassnectar to constantly being on the festival circuit it’s great to finally get ahold of many of the treasures we have heard snuck into his live sets. After being taunted with an exclusive mix of a majority unreleased material via The Untz all the way back in April I know a good lot of people that have been waiting patiently for Thriftworks aka Jake Atlas to drop the curtains on his latest collection of work. Alas, after listening through that last mix countless times we are gifted with a little somethin’ somethin’ from Mr. Atlas. Now of course this new release comes adorned with artwork containing yet another aviary friend of ours in a much more ghostly state than we have seen previously. This cover work most definitely lends a hand to the hauntingly whimsical tracks weaved into ‘Deviation’. We are taken on a journey sewn up tight with tumbling bass, spiraling synths, and dreamily sampled vocals. Thriftworks is one of those producers who is never hesitant to experiment as he crafts and melds textures. The result of this is  some of the most unique and broken melodies we are seeing brought to the table today; and even though he’s still a young producer it’s fairly clear he’s here to stay.

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