A few weeks back we brought you a brief little interview with the South’s Mindelixir and now he’s back to give us a little more. After delving into how he made his name in the music scene of the South and touching on his latest LP release entitled ‘Lunology’ he’s back to give us another dose! This new treat from Mindelixir comes in the form of an exclusive download off his ‘Lunology’ LP. ‘Ho What’ comes at us from the deep reaches and snatches hold as we are pulled into a spacey bass driven lullaby that I’m sure some of you will love. With various vocals sliced up and sprinkled throughout the thumping bass we are dealt some nice variety throughout the entirety of this track. Incase you missed Mindelixir’s release in its entirety don’t hesitate to follow the buy link below in our SoundCloud player to get your hands on the whole kit and caboodle for yourself.

Buy Lunology on Juno

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