holdmeclose - Bamf

holdmeclose – Bamf

There’s a genre of music that has blossomed at an incredible rate over the last year or so, and is attributed to a plethora of young, talented artists such as Shlohmo, XXYYXX, and 123MRK to name a few. It’s a conglomeration of avant garde hip hop, R&B, minimal, garage, and many other aspects of today’s electronic music, which I have coined as “sexy-swag” (seriously) mostly because of the movement’s emotional implications and experimental sounds. I recently came across a talented and mysterious producer by the name of Bamf, and his first and only track “Hold Me Close” is a phenomenally smooth, sexual, and relaxing mix of dynamic percussion and late-night vibes. You may recognize the vocal sample from Aaliyah‘s timeless single “Rock The Boat”, but over a powerful set of pops, snaps, and clicks with UK garage chord progressions, this stop-go motioned track is alienable at the least. I’ll be keeping an eye on this fresh face in the year to come, and we suggest you do too. So settle down, take a listen, and this moves you like it did me, send some lovin’ back through a like or follow!

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