I Need You / Close Your Eyes - Subscape

I Need You / Close Your Eyes – Subscape

Dub Police, the brainchild record label from UK dynamo Caspa, is a wrecking ball of talent that has continuously broken down barriers between veteran UK dubstep and pubescent US dubstep for over 9 years. One of the pivotal weapons within this bass powerhouse is Anthony Peters, more popularly known as Subscape, and he has proven in the last two years that there is still a lot to expect from this heavy-bass aficionado. After releasing a compilation and sampler EP earlier this year, this Woking native is completing his “My Style” collection with a 2-track release of fan favorites “I Need You” and “Close Your Eyes”.

“I Need You” is the first track off of the mini-EP, and it is a powerfully driven anthem of uplifting arpeggios and siren-sounding synth-lines, with both ambient and club-appealing aspects dispersed throughout. Accompanying the dance floor anthem is an interestingly plotted music video, featuring a group of children who choose to forget about their dependencies and find a way to unleash their newfound freedom.

The second track found on the mini-EP, “Close Your Eyes”, is a Nero-sounding hard-hitter filled with off-kilter bass stabs and empowering synth melodies. Invoking a glitch-hop feel with its bouncy drum rhythm, this bass-busting tune is a seemingly darker half to its otherwise uplifting partner track, and this complimentary nature within the mini-EP is a true testament to Subscape‘s diversity in sound yet dedication to originality. If you enjoy these soon-to-be club anthems, then we highly suggest you show him some love and head over to the marketplace to pitch a few bills for his work- this dub veteran deserves all the support he can get!


iTunes – http://bit.ly/DP089iTunes
Beatport – http://bit.ly/DP089Beatport
Juno – http://bit.ly/DP089Juno

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