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Patrick Topping simply makes absolute dancefloor bombs through and through. His first release, the two-track Walk On EP, was critically acclaimed and showed the great potential that Topping had (check out our review of the album HERE). His sophomore album, the Any Amounts EP (out today on vinyl and to be released on the 23rd digitally), continues to establish Topping as a world-class producer that’s here to stay. With over 60 unsigned tracks yet to be released, all of which provide those massive, vicious, rolling basslines that will absolutely floor a crowd, Topping will undoubtably become a household name in the coming years. We had the chance to sit down with the newest member of the do-no-wrong Hot Creations crew to ask him a few questions about his influences, his renowned Motion parties, and the future of music.

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The Dankles: Hey Patrick, thanks for taking some time to answer a few questions for us at The Dankles! Could you start off by telling us a little about yourself?
Patrick Topping: No worries, Patrick Topping, 24 from Newcastle, England and I’v been DJing and producing 4 years now.

TD: Growing up, what did you listen to? What was the first album you purchased, and how have those early records influenced the music that you make today?
PT: I was into all sorted really, wasn’t until I was around 17 that electronic dance music took over.

TD: What was your first experience of the clubbing scene like, and how was it growing up in Newcastle?
PT: My first clubbing experience was at venue about 1 hour away from Newcastle called, Tall Trees, its closed now, but was apparently the largest clubs in the country with 5000 capacity or something. I saw trance DJ Eddie Halliwell there and from then on I was obsessed with dance music.

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TD: Could you tell us a little about the Motion parties that you started up? What sets this party apart from others in the area, and how did the idea start?
PT: Motion just celebrated its 3rd birthday in May with Lee Foss, Andre Crom Ben Pearce, Dauwd and myself playing across 3 rooms at Digital. It was started up by me and 8 other friends, just to bring artists we liked to the city and also to give me and two of the others a chance to DJ regularly. I think its been so popular because unlike some of the other local nights, it hasn’t been driven by profit as the main focus and I think that comes across in the vibe, marketing and bookings we put on.

TD:  Your upcoming release on Hot Creations has been championed heavily by the entire crew, especially by label-boss Jamie Jones. Could you give a little background on your Any Amounts EP (out digitally September 23rd)? What can we expect?
PT: I’m really excited for it’s release and its such an honor for me to another release with the Hot Creations/ Hot Trax lot, never mind this time it being a 4 track EP!

TD: What’s the studio look like? What are some of your favorite VST’s to use in your production?
PT: My studio is pretty modest really, I have a Macbook Pro, running Logic 8 with KRK Rokit 5 speakers and a few plug-ins.

Listen: Cherry – Patrick Topping

TD: When you’re up on the decks, what is the vibe that you’re trying to set for the crowd? What is the reaction that you would like to receive?
PT: My sets are really energetic, I just try to make them as fun as possible, obviously without venturing into cheesy territory.

TD: You have a slew of unsigned tracks right now that are quite vicious from what I’ve heard, any updates on them? What’s your favorite unreleased track you have right now?
PT: Yeah, I’ve been making so much music lately, just been trying to bang out as much as I can, been averaging about 1 or 2 tracks a week for a while and now I’m sitting on about 60 unsigned tracks. There is a few which I’m really excited about and would love for them to get picked up, especially one called Holiday. It’s been up there with Any Amounts in the reactions it’s been getting when I’v played it out.

TD: How long does it usually take until you’re happy with a track? How often are you in the studio throughout any given week?
PT: If it just all falls into place I can have a track fully completed in less than 10 hours, sometimes it might take a few days. As long as the weekend wasn’t too heavy and I’m not playing anywhere midweek, I usually spend most my weekdays in the studio from about 9-5.

Listen: Fat Ballistic – Patrick Topping

TD: You made your debut appearance in Ibiza this summer at the legendary DC-10, and absolutely rocked the place no less, what was that experience like?
PT: It was absolutely amazing, it’s my favorite club in the world and I’m so lucky to of played there. I really want to do it again now haha! I don’t usually get nervous about playing places that often anymore, but that was on my mind a bit from when I got asked, but on the day it was actually sound.

TD: What do you see happening in the music scene the next five years? Do you think the new deep house craze will fizzle out like minimal did, or continue building on it’s success?
PT: I think there is a good few years left in that current sound and I’m not actually sure if my tracks even fit in what people are calling deep house at the moment. But house and techno as whole, seems the most popular its ever been since I’v been into it and I can see Paradise at DC10 getting bigger and bigger too.

Dankles Rapid-fire questions:

Go-to track to revive the dancefloor: 
Patrick Topping- Holiday

Track getting the most replays right now: 
Gui Boratto- We Can Go [Kompakt]

Favorite track to start off a set with: Jason Bye- Dub Town Hip House EP [Playmore], nice way to ease in

Track with the hardest bassline in my library: 
One of my new ones called Run, I actually broke one of my monitors as well as one of my mates speakers too haha. I’ve made an edit since with a less harsh bass, at least I think it was that bass.

Favorite show I’ve been to this year: I really enjoyed Hideout Festival. Motion hosted its own party too and that was so fun to play.

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