artworks-000057237285-8p6jo1-t500x500Penthouse Penthouse played around with the chords on Andre 3000‘s “Prototype”; creating an infatuating, dazed, summertime song.  Although the chords from “Protohype” are used, a completely new song has come together.  Penthouse Penthouse caught my attention when they effortlessly blended funk and soul on “Closer”, their collaboration with Chloe Martini (read here).  Their music seems to have mixed feel between chillwave and nu-disco, although they shouldn’t be pigeonholed into a specific genre.  The funky sound I affiliate with Penthouse Penthouse is apparent on “What u Sippin’ on” as they brought in Jon Drummond to slap the bass.  A short vocal hook ties everything together as a multitude of layers accompany the original guitar chord inspired by Andre 3k.  Prolong your summer a little longer and as Penthouse Penthouse said, “this one for all you pretty people sippin cocktails by the pool”.


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