Bassnectar "Take You Down" EP

While currently sitting in an educational institution attempting to absorb a bit of higher learning, an alert on my phone went off to inform me that the highlight of our upcoming weekend trip to Breakaway Music Festival has just delivered new music for the masses this evening. With the countdown to our last Bassnectar show this summer only four days away, Lorin releases info and new music on his upcoming “Take You Down” EP scheduled for Sept 24th! Read what Bassnectar had to say about the first single off the EP:

“Take You Down” was put together as a summertime jam… something deep and lush and euphoric. I started it while I was on vacation, and the general theme is basically falling in love and that slow-motion feeling you get when you plunge backwards into something overwhelming, but never hit the ground.

With pulsing chords, emotive synths, and heavy 808s, it’s a sonic follow-up to “Timestretch”, and I let West Coast Lo Fi huck together a remix, also featured in this Special Edit.

If you’d like to check out the other four tracks and read more info on the “Take You Down” EP, you can do so here! Enjoy mes Amis


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