1239009_557518130952537_473590246_nBanks is perhaps the only artist aside from Chance The Rapper to become a favorite of mine overnight.  This incredibly attractive, young singer from Los Angeles has caused a great number of heads to turn in her short music career.  Just six months ago, Banks released her first EP with “Fall Over” and “Before I Ever Met You”, and since then I’ve craved a full release from this extremely talented vocalist.  Just a couple months after first appearing on SoundCloud, she recruited none other than Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs for the highly successful “Warm Water”.

The entire EP is available to purchase here via Itunes, or to stream here via Spotify.

London is the first scheduled release from Banks and includes four tracks.  The intro track, “Waiting Game”, is the only previously released track out of the four, and was the first time Banks gave her listeners a taste of a piano based track.  Around the one minute mark, this song takes a dark turn as she painfully, yet smoothly sings about love.

The second track, “This Is What It Feels Like gives production credits to Jaime Woon and Lil Silva and is most bizarre beat Banks’ voice has been accompanied by.  The dark feel brought in on the second half of “Waiting Game” is carried on as what I can only describe as moaning alien noises weave in and out of the track as Banks’ crooning provides backing vocals to herself.

“Bedroom Wall” is a mellow, bubbly track that has a spacey feel and is very minimal.  The energy typical of Banks is completely stripped away as her smooth voice seems to crawl along with the production,  flowing effortlessly into “Change”.   “Bedroom Wall” is produced by none other than Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and it shows, as the sorrowful voice of Banks compliments this expertly crafted, ominous beat.  The outro track, “Change”, sums up London as perfect break-up album, as it’s a collection of painful love songs.

The entire EP is available to purchase here via Itunes, or to stream here via Spotify.


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