HUGLIFE, also known as DJ Slink, is a musical pioneer. He has played with artists ranging from Bassnectar, to Moby, to STS9, extracting his own meaning from a song and puts his own original spin on the track. Whether you’re looking for a chilled-out indie edit or a trapstyle remix, HUGLIFE offers beats for any type of mood. His new track, “The Artist,” is a remix of Santigold’s, “L.E.S. Artistes”. HUGELIFE’s spin gives you the best of both worlds; a mellowed out remix with a dash of trap phased in and out through the song that leaves you completely satisfied.

HUGLIFE is now booking dates for his fall tour which will feature 30,000 WATTS of PK Sound, 30 feet of LED Wall, a premier sound engineer and amazing visuals. In a recent post he mentions he, “would really like to come to California, New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado Soon,”. So hopefully we will be bouncing to HUGLIFE’S bass in one of Colorado’s amazing venues sometime soon.


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