exmagFor Gramatik fans, Exmag will be right up your alley as Gramtik himself is a key componant of this side project including Eric Mendelson, Tyler Dondero, Mike Iannatto, and Illumntr.  The group’s facebook page states

“In an effort to save the universe from imminent doom, five Brooklyn-based producers were summoned by seven mysterious babes from outer space.  Sent by powers unknown, the babes projected visions in the minds of the producers. They must now join forces to interpret these visions through sound as Exmag.”,

and it all makes sense.  Gramatik’s funky style is apparent in this single by the new group, and it works perfectly with Gibbz vocals.  R&B and Funk music were meant to be blended, as “Tilt Mode” does perfectly.  In case you missed the group’s collaboration with Cherub check it out below.


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