Steve Aoki has released a new EP, which consists of two diverse remixes of his track, “Boneless”. The first is produced by the very versatile Keys N Krates. This track stands out particularly well because even though Steve Aoki and Keys N Krates have pretty different styles, when combined they really prove true the good ole’ saying, “opposites attract”. Aoki brings forward an electronic party like vibe in his original, and with a touch of Keys N Krates trap influence it sounds like the ideal medium between the two genres.

Likewise Ookay definitely doesn’t disappoint in his remix. However, he brings a glitch vibe to the table that is a bit more rapid. His track progressively picks up speed toward the end by adding sounds such as whistles and bells. It kind of seems like he got carried away with the rhythm of the song. Now this might just be my personal opinion, but I think it takes A LOT of skill in the trap genre to have just the right amount of heavy hitting bass combined with sharp and defined beats. So nonetheless, this track is still dope and definitely worth listening too.

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