Incase you have been living under a rock for the past few months; house is making a come back. And in a big way. With the underground house movement coming into the limelight all sorts of different genres are emerging that are quickly captivating the publics attention. As it tends to happen when new trends catch on we see more and more producers coming forth and making a name for themselves. While this is all good and fun it makes me even happier when established producer don a new persona all together to show us they have some real versatility when it comes to their production style. That being said, say hello to CLOUD11. This is one producer in particular that is beginning to make some waves and he is no stranger over here at The Dankles. Shooter McNappin has been a reoccurring presence on our site for a good while now with his partner in crime Buzz Trillington (aka 222 Oceans) and thus far they have brought us many variations of 808 infused trap//trill music until just recently when these new projects of both of theres have began to take some precedence. A few weeks back we brought you our first exclusive from Buzz’s side project 222 Oceans and now we are debuting our first contribution from Shooter’s CLOUD11 gig. This take on Drake’s ‘Hold On, We’re Goin Home’ doesn’t necessarily stray too far from the original but at the same time infuses a thumping bass rhythm that is sure to get your head nodding and hips shaking for the rest of the evening. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more goodies from this endlessly talented producer and don’t be surprised if you see their names crop up around here again sooner than later!

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