Earlier this week we brought you the first installment of the three part compilations series Symbiosis Events put forth to stoke the embers beneath the upcoming 2013 Symbiosis Gathering and now it’s time to bring the next two volumes to light. Without much time between their releases at all due to the fact Symbiosis will be in full swing this time next week, it excites us to see such an outstanding roster of artists wrangled up on these new additions.Incase you missed the first post where we touched on the fact that each of the artists you see featured on these compilations will be gracing the Woodward Reservoir with a set sometime throughout the weekend! On the first volume of music we were dealt a large dosage of wild world music that seemed to grab influence from all around the globe, on these next two volumes we have seen things expand to the far reaches of space. Volume 2 brings a hefty armful of beautifully textured soundscapes; some taking us off into dreamy mystical caverns while other blast us off into the cosmos to be alone with ones thoughts. Featuring tunes from BluetechLove and LightDesert DwellersSpoken Bird, PlantraeJPOD and Mandoril, ODESZA, and Ganja Girl to name a few; it goes without saying Volume 2 is staked. Nearly bursting from the seams with fresh crispy tunes to make your travels out to California go by a little faster don’t let yourself become too distracted to check out Volume 3! The final installment comes at us yet again with a completely different flavor than the previous two. Spread thick with more undulating bass vibes we get everything from house laden bass tracks to breakbeat that is sure to get you up and shuffling before you even know what’s taking hold of you. Most notably the remix from Shakti Bliss and tracks from Goldfinger, Kromagon, and LOUD & Shulman really lured me in. Alas get to exploring these two new compilations, we look forward to sharing the waters and dancing under the full moon with all of you beautiful people all next week!


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