Ed Banger records artist and Parisian, Boston Bun, is gearing up for the release of this new and very NSFW EP.  Now you’re probably wondering what a NSFW work track sounds like?  Well, I suggest you just hit play below and you’ll understand very quickly.  Like many Ed Banger artists, Boston Bun is pushing sounds in directions few are exploring and he’s doing it will unprecedented style.  A fusion of electro, house and a dash of techno comes together for that French sound so many try and fail to reproduce.  The EP preview below contains three new tracks.  Flasher doesn’t hold back on the vocal samples.  The first track details a girl that isn’t very happy about an unnamed man’s family jewels.  The second track is more chopped up than the previous, but where the second track lacks in sexual-charged vocal samples, the third track easily compensates.  The third track contains none other than some female engaging in some very heated sexual activity.  That activity happens to be recorded and reproduced for the track.  You see for yourself…


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