To get the week started off with a bang we wanted to bring you guys something a little different than most of the exclusive content we tend to get behind. This is coming to you in the form of the two brand new tracks from Chicago’s The Coop; a talented quartet whose sound treads water in the realms of jam and electronica. After formation in 2004 the guys have been touring live relentlessly and quickly gaining a name for themselves. Initially we caught wind of them around late night festival sets tucked away satiating small intimate crowds but since then we have seen them making all kinds of a stir across the festival circuit. That being said it makes us happy that they reached out to see if we were game to get behind them on this upcoming release they have been hard at work on for you guys. Chock full of jazzy electronically infused jam music we’re sure a good lot of you out there will be quite satisfied with all the love wrapped up in each of these tracks. Together Jake, Danny, Cason, and Joe did all of the recording and production that went into each of these tracks so you guys should be more than happy that these are up as a pay what you want download! ‘Loose Chains’ takes us on a wild voyage through space and time spritzed with smooth jazz influences while ‘Succubus’ takes things up a notch with a much more electronic vibe. These two tracks should be just what you need to get your week rolling whether you’re looking for something nice and easy going or something with a little more life to it incase you need that little bit of pick up. As we mentioned earlier this release is out on a name your own price basis so don’t be shy, feel free to follow the link below to kick theses hard working musicians some funds! If this is your first introduction to The Coop this even dosage of easy going jam and bass fueled electronica should paint you a good picture of what they’re all about. A big thanks goes out to everyone at The Coop for making this happen and another big shout out goes out to Chicago artist Drew Parks for the killer artwork that was put together for this release. Hopefully this will bring some new ears to The Dankles and we will have the opportunity to work with more talented bands of this caliber in the future.

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