It really does surprise us when we look back at all the varying exclusive material we have brought to your guys over the past year. We have wound our way through all sorts of genres, bringing you everything from back snapping trap music to ambient mellow toned soundscapes that can take you off onto another plane of existence. What make us happiest is giving so many producers the spotlight whether they are on the rise or already well established in the scene. Today we have a spicy new track from California’s Shizloh who just released his latest EP ‘Bass Storm’ via our good friends over at MalLabel Music. This well established west coast bass imprint has been kind enough to help us out with many of the exclusives we get out hands on and in turn opened our eyes to a plethora of talented producers. Reports are in that Shizloh aka Shiloh Jacobsen took to building some wild bass contorting weather device to brew up all the gut wrenching bass contained on ‘Bass Storm’. His roots as a drummer / guitar / sax player of various styles has lent a good hand in helping him dive into his production of electronic music head first. Some of you might find him familiar from his past work with The Glitch Report or their weekly show on but incase you are new to his sound this EP will definitely give you a proper introduction. Though ‘Bass Storm’ consists of four varying bass fueled tunes we have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to bring you one of our favorites off the release for free! ‘DuET’ is a glitched out concoction of spacey echoing bass that only reels us in with the crsip drum rolls that fade in and out of the darkness. As the whole EP contains a lot of energy it was hard to decided on one track to host so be sure you hop on over to BeatPort where you can buy the whole release in its entirety for just a few bucks. Until you dive into the rest of the tunes on ‘Bass Storm’ be sure to get those speakers cranked up as ‘DuET’ envelops you and gets your Tuesday rolling.

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