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If you’re a fan of trap music, you’ve probably been humming Keys N Krates track “Dum Dee Dum” for the past couple of months. Today the Toronto trio released the song alongside three more innovative tracks on their Dim Mak EP SoLow. The EP features huge trap tunes reminiscent of TNGHT and RL Grime – especially the third track of the release, “Ratchet Hoe$”. But don’t let the cliche title fool you; Keys N Krates is anything but your typical trap stars.

SoLow flips the middle finger to those snarky individuals who criticize electronic musicians for being untalented because they make music on their computers. From the massive festival-esque opener “I Just Can’t Deny” to the EP’s melodic closing track “Treat Me Right”, SoLow is an instrumental creation. In fact, Keys n Krates is known for performing live as an electronic band without so much as a backing track.

Today SoLow is available for purchase on iTunes from Dim Mak records. Stream the full EP on Keys N KratesSoundCloud!


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