Gas Pedal (Regulators Jesse White Tumblers Remix) - Sage The Gemini

Gas Pedal (Regulators Jesse White Tumblers Remix) – Sage The Gemini

One of our favorite up-and-coming acts to garner some attention this year is the Chicago-based Regulators. From release to release, they have driven their sound into new directions and new territories, taking their fans on a truly captivating road to production mastery. We have continued to document this seemingly high-speed pursuit, as this duo has gained recognition for remixes of Bait by DJ SliinkFight by DJ Fresh, and originals such as Strange Trillderness and Summer Madness. Now, their latest remix of “Gas Pedal” is a powerful nitrous-inducing club jam, and it is not your classic trap tune. Effectively mixing trapstyle sounds with moombahton synths, and lacing them with the twerk-friendly voice of Sage the Gemini, this raunchy “trap-ahton” sound is a refreshing breather to the mainstream trap scene. These two are effectively regulating the game with an undeniably rare finesse, so be sure to keep up with us as we continue chasin’ these two down the road to success!

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