Taquwami has never produced particularly happy music, so it’s no surprise that his newest release is called Japanese Sad.  Taquwami is an electronic producer from Toyko, Japan that specializes in making lush beats and and crazy soundscapes.  Japanese Sad is no exception, Taquwami takes new approaches with both tracks on the release.  The young producer has started to gain traction with a wider audience now too; reming Ryan Hemsworth and appearing on producer’s list of the best.  Taquwami is destined for some big things at this pace.  Techincally, “Wow”, the first of the two track isn’t particularly sad like I imagined.  “Wow” starts with some big horns, fidgety synth-work and a lot of vocal pitching.  The track reminds me of a more spastic Rustie.  “Ultra Sad” is the sad track of the two.  A percussion filled track with deeply pitched vocals and smooth synth-work is more subtle and restrained.  Yet later in the track it picks up again into another horn filled climax.  Stream both tracks below.


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