Teen Witch Fan Club

Poor Miley Cyrus. Why can’t those who oppose your desire to become queen of the twerk just keep their unwanted comments and false accusations to themselves? The media has made quite the mess of your recent visual performance; labeling you numerous adjectives, nouns, and verbs that aren’t befitting of a lady with your status and profile. Your recent activity has lead up and coming Chicago producer Teen Witch Fan Club to use his given talents of creating one of a kind “sad girl pop” music to try and amend your twerkin ways. Using your appropriately titled “Wrecking Ball” track as a medium, Teen Witch Fan Cub delivers a subliminal edit of change for eyes and ears. Only time will tell if this well devised effort might cure Miley Cyrus, and if not, you can at least be thankful that Teen Witch Fan Club made this song quite enjoyable.


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