Baby F-16 - Panteros666 [EP]

Baby F-16 – Panteros666 [EP]

Brodinski and Gesaffelstein‘s Bromance Records, one of the highest-regarded record labels in electronic music today, is rapidly approaching their 12th release thus far: the Baby F-16 EP by Panteros666. One fourth of France’s Club Cheval, this tech house guru is gearing up for a killer two track release, featuring an album-titled track and a mysteriously unique collaboration with @LILINTERNET. The first track harnesses the classic Panteros666 sound, with power-driven tech chords, a pulsing kick line, and a vocal chorus that you can’t help but sing along to. The second track, entitled “Ωrbit”, came to me as quite surprise after listening to the EP’s initial song, but ever since first listen I have continued to become engulfed by its beautifully orchestrated melody of plucks, soundscapes, and percussion. It is a truly captivating and creative direction that we cannot be more excited for this French producer to have undertaken. Be sure to prepare for its official release on September 23rd, and in the mean time get down to the future sounds of French dance music!


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