RAC, formerly known as Remix Artist Collective, is now the solo project of Portland-based André Allen Anjos. With 200+ remixes under his belt, Anjos is now bringing the layered, groovy sounds of his edits to his own original material, featured in his upcoming EP, Don’t Talk To (Interscope).  His preview of the four-song EP should hype up old and new RAC fans alike. As the first single, “Let Go” is by far the grooviest track on Don’t Talk To, and a great opener for the EP. With its funky, low key beat, guest vocalist Kele (of Bloc Party) has a chance to shine in the verses of the song. His smooth melody over the plucks of the bass guitar only emphasize the surge into the chorus, with MNDR’s Amanda Warner lending her voice to the hip collaboration. The second track, “Hollywood” (featuring Penguin Prison), is one of my all-time favorite RAC songs. With an “Island In The Sun” vibe, Penguin Prison’s voice lends a devil-may-care flair to this laid-back groove. Although it was released two years ago as a single, RAC has chosen to re-release it with his forthcoming EP – a choice I’m very happy about, as this is a great tune that deserves to be listened to by new RAC fans! “Tourist” (featuring Tokyo Police Club) showcases RAC’s sonic love for all things 80s, with its shiny synths reminiscent to the soundtrack of your first “slow dance” in high school. “Tourist” blends sweetly layered instrumentation with the lyrics of Tokyo Police Club, giving it more of a modern vibe instead of a total 1980s throwback. Definitely one of the most interesting tunes on the EP – I’m really looking forward to hearing the full version of this! The final song of Don’t Talk To, “We Belong”, features vocalist Katie Herzig. Her voice floats gently over this quiet, lovely tune, filled with string instruments and soft croons. The full version of this will be beautiful, I’m sure!

Listen: Don’t Talk To EP Preview – RAC


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