Great instrumentalists usually take a while to be recognized for their work.  Often the instrumentalist only crafts the beat that more famous hip-hop artists will rap over.  But with electronic music making more and more of a stand in the limelight, instrumentalists like Clams Casino are getting their well-deserved recognition.  You might recall Clams Casino from the glorious instrumental “I’m God” that still gets me going to this day.  Clams has so much more to offer though too, if you get a chance give his SoundCloud a good listen, you won’t regret it.

Incase you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, GTA V was released and as always it has one hell of a soundtrack. In fact, it’s so good that Flying Lotus has his own radio station called FlyLo FM.  That’s where Clams Casino’s track “Crystals” gets to play out in the game mode.  Not only does FlyLo and Clams Casino have tracks, but there are new tracks from Tyler, The Creator, Thundercat, Captain Murphy and so many more.  Clams is nice enough to offer this one up for free download.  Listen to the track below on Youtube then follow the link below to grab the download.



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