There’s a reason why the genre tag on Noisia and Evol Intent’s brand new track “The Liquid” is simply “Noisia”: how else can you describe Noisia’s filthy, glitchy band of drum n’ bass? “The Liquid” is exactly what you hope to hear from dirty bass heroes Noisia & Evol Intent. This track’s dark intensity builds up a very sinister suspense that can only be satisfied with the 160+ BPM’s reminiscent feelings of a high speed car chase.

For those unfamiliar with drum n’ bass, Evol Intent is (like Noisia) a three-piece outfit, featuring three unique personalities who independently specialize in a diverse electronic genre. Its members include Treasure Fingers, ComputerClub, and moombahton/trap pioneer Bro Safari. Now, “The Liquid” might not be your typical Bro Safari banger, but many will recognize Evol Intent’s approach to  dirty drum n’ bass from Bro Safari’s collaborative album with UFO!Animal.

“The Liquid” is one track of a two-song release from Noisia and Evol Intent. Hyenas/The Liquid is scheduled for release next month. Listen to “The Liquid” here, and check out the full release exclusively on Beatport October 7th!


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