The Alt-J masterpiece  of “Tessalate” was freshened up by a cover by Ellie Goulding and then flipped by beat maestro, Kastle.  Alt-J created one of my favorite all time albums with An Awesome Wave last year so I was hesitant to listen to Ellie Goulding’s “Tessallate” cover, however, I was impressed.  I have always felt that covers should only be done if a song is reinvented, or given completely different features previously not possessed by the original.  I think Ellie Goulding did the original justice by singing the song the way it was intended whilst recruiting Xaphoon Jones on production, giving this version its own unique flavor consisting of a jazz and down-tempo infusion.

I guess one way to recreate a song and make it sound extremely different from the original is to remix a cover of said song.  This is exactly what Kastle was able to do, and successfully at that.  Kastle chopped Ellie’s vocals in a way that provided the song with a new surge of energy, and in doing so created a captivating remix of an already irresistible track.   


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