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20-year-old songwriter and guitarist Zach Heckendorf has released his new EP, The Water Brothers, and if I didn’t know any better I’d say he sounds like a hybrid of Dave Matthews and Jack Johnson. Heckendorf went on tour this spring opening for Michael Franti, and also opened for Rodrigo y Gabriella this summer on a fairly extensive tour. So if you like what you hear and are from the Colorado area Heckendorf will be performing at the 2013 Flood Relief Concert at Daniels Hall in Denver, and you can purchase tickets here.

While this Colorado native puts you into ease with his laid-back style, you also can’t ignore each track’s quality lyrics and instrumentals. These days it is extremely hard to find artists such as Heckendorf who encompass that original yet innovative rock sound that he does. Honestly, I wish I could sit here and tell you which songs I like the best, but each one is so unique and just straight awesome that you need to listen for yourself.  He also released two music videos of, “Keep Your Hats On” and “Take Time”, which are off of, The Water Brothers EP.  Accompanying Zach with complementary guitar work and backing vocals on this four track EP is fellow Denver native, Curtis Halle. So keep a watch out for this guy because music like this is hard to come by.

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Outro (Dear Danny) –  Zach Heckendorf

Shannon Years I –  Zach Heckendorf

Take Time –  Zach Heckendorf

Keep Your Hats On –  Zach Heckendorf


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  1. Very soulful Zach, some of the best music out there. Every time I listen to this EP it puts me in a place that is a tiny bit melancholy, but peaceful and hopeful.
    Please keep up the great work and stay true to yourself and your vision, your music is making the world a better place.

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