The 21-year-old twin sisters that make up Say Lou Lou have been gaining attention lately for their bold yet elegant sound. They also produce the perfect tracks to be remixed; one of my favorites is of, “Julian”, done by The Chainsmokers. Recently they seem to be making quite the name for themselves. Besides for their distinct fashion sense that I can’t help but drool over, what makes them so authentic is their unrefined style of music, which gives off a free care free vibe that almost purifies your senses as you listen. So checkout their latest track, which is a cover of the Australian band Tame Impala’s, “Feels Like We Only Backwards”. They bring a fresh and innovative sound to this song that I didn’t know was possible.

“But it wasn’t until we started making our own version that we discovered how beautiful the lyrics are – another world in itself – so we decided to strip the groove back and take it into another place,” said Say Lou Lou about their new song on their SoundCloud.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the fine and warm poppy sounding layers of this track, because it is truly a beaut.

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