Just a few weeks back on the 5th of September we saw the newest release from Bulgarian duo Big Tiger, that has been properly donned the title of ‘Music from Planet Earth’. Thanks to the hands over at Australian based imprint the Drty Shdws Prjkt this release has finally seen the light of day and will also be followed up by a batch of skillful remixes from producers the world around. Drty Shdws Prjkt has been bringing music to the Earth and rest of the cosmos for a little over a year now so it makes us happy that they were comfortable enough to reach out and see if we would want to host a remix before the official tape drops! The original EP comes at us with a handful of beautifully orchestrated soundscapes that weave in and out of chilled down tempo beats to tracks laden with mellowed out house vibes that are hauntingly catchy. The remix we have up our sleeves takes us further around the globe and to the UK where our remix producer Mojo Goro currently calls home. His rendition of ‘China Gate’ spins the original on its head by adding his own dash of spice and flare. Now luckily enough you can grab this little remix for free thanks to the folks over at Drty Shdws but don’t hesitate to hop on over to their Bandcamp and get the entire EP for a small donation.

Big Tiger on Facebook | SoundCloud
Mojo Goro on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud


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