This day and age I think you would be hard off to find someone that enjoys electronic music not loving lush downtempo remixes, especially when they are all takes on some sickly catching tracks in the first place. The Brussels native Dave Luxe just recently banded up all of his recent remixes he has been working on and put them out to us as a name your own price download on his Bandcamp! If you have yet to hear a track Dave Luxe has laid his hand on a and dose it with hefty helping of leaned out bliss then it’s about time. Being no newcomer to put a chilled out twist on some bangin’ hip hop tracks we are now gifted with refixes of everyone from Ciara to Riff Raff on this six track release. Don’t let us hold you up any longer though, dive on into these dreamy remixes and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more of Dave Luxe over here at The Dankles.

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