Who’s up for some jungle vibes?  The North Carolina duo known as Clicks & Whistles is doing it big on this new free tune.  It’s not often we come across some great jungle tunes but this one is simply hard to resist.  Clicks & Whistles usually provides us with a variety of styles to choose from and this one is no exception.  It’s always a good thing when artists branch out and try different genres, I find it’s all too often that artists will get pigeon-holed into a genre with no room to move out of it.  Clicks & Whistles is staying on top of the game and keep it fresh with these jungle sounds.  A typical drum and bass beat opens the track and soon we drop into the deepest of sub-bass and some fresh deep-house synth-work.  Leave it to these two to surprise us with new and exciting tracks.  Listen below and grab the free download.


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