If there ever was a DJ moniker that was perfectly appropriate for a producer, it would be Blende. The name manages to encapsulate his abilities to seamlessly mix his nu-disco style with the rock and funk he grew up with. This London based Swede is perhaps most well known for his countless remixes, which vary from old school acts such as Prince, ZZ Top and Earth Wind & Fire to the current electronic artists including Azari & III and Goose. This time however the producer brings us the original track, “Rikki”, following up his EP, “Fake Love”, on the Ghent-based label Eskimo. “Rikki”, is an infectious and stylish indie dance track with vocals to die for. Blende has said the song is about a robot named Rikki,who is a character fully brought to life through the bright and vivacious synth lines. Fitting effortlessly with the rock & roll style string stabs, “Rikki”, combines the reminiscent feeling of a long lost track from the 80s and the modern edge perfect for the dance floors of today. The single will be out on September 30th; check it out below and stay tuned on its release here.

Listen: Rikki – Blende


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