As promised to you guys earlier today we have a special little treat for you this evening. This exclusive concoction comes at your eardrums all the way from Milan, Italy from the talented Mace. He is a member of the Italian based group Reset! who have seen success in the pass with releases featured on the likes of Dim Mak, Mad Decent, and Ministry of Sound while receiving recognition from DJs the world around. Now Mace is stepping away from the group for a moment to drop this solo ‘Philly Love Affair’ EP of his via our good friends at Seclusiasis on September 30th! Churned up in this bass ridden EP we have waves of flavorful street bass vibes that are sure to get you up and on your feet when it is debuted to the public eye. In case all this chit chat has gotten you a little heated up and anxious you better just cool your jets. Our buddies at Seclusiasis and friends at Level4 PR have given us the opportunity to bring you the closing track on the EP ‘ChicksWithGunz’ a little bit early; but that’s not all. Seclusiasis themselves have also premiered another track from the EP, ‘Esta Loca’, that you can also catch an early listen of! Both of these tracks give you a good taste of the wild and out there sound Mace is bringing to the table so be sure you take advantage of this and take this early taste. This is the first time we have brought you back to back exclusives from one single release so we hope you are all excited to see everything else Mace has to offer on ‘Philly Love Affair’ this coming Monday.

Mace on Facebook | SoundCloud
Seclusiasis on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud


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