There You Go - Knightley

There You Go – Knightley

After relinquishing his title earlier this year as Bailey, the Brighton-native producer/dj now known as Knightley is taking some huge strides through the music scene with his raw and unique UK garage/house sound. Under this new-er pseudonym, he has released a handful of noteworthy tracks, with the latest addition to his arsenal of dancefloor classics called “There You Go.” Taking the lyrics of pop star Pink well out of their element, this hi-hat driven garage/deep house jam is a club sensation waiting to happen, bursting to the brim with catchy choruses, bouncy drum lines, and undeniably groovy bass melodies. Available for free download, theres a lot to love about Knightley‘s diverse blend in genres and styles, so if you’re diggin’ his latest release, be sure to check out his soundcloud for other spectacular releases as well!

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