The Portuguese five-piece band electronic band, M.A.U.,  has returned with a new track that should entice you to give their material a thorough listen.  The band caught my attention last year with dreamy singles and electro-pop efforts.  Their style takes from many influences ranging from Justice to TV on The Radio to The Postal Service to Cut Copy.  M.A.U.’s newest effort comes in the form of their first single for their new album.  Though there is no release date as of yet, this single is a good sign that their progression is still going strong.  Often their material straddles the line between dark and uplifting.  Each track has elements of both, but it’s up to the listener to decide what they feel.  “Safari Entrepreneur Part 2” opens with an ominous rolling synth-lead and thumping bass drum.  Then the soft and some-what distant vocals enter the track and finally we get steel-drum work (which is some of my favorite).  Fans of indie-dance and electro-pop are going to be pleasantly pleased with M.A.U.’s newest effort.


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