When we last talked to Marcell Everett in our interview with XXYYXX last august, he said he “could make an album every 2 weeks.” While he hasn’t done it at that exaggerated of a pace, he has been insanely busy releasing tracks and mixes over the past year, including his MoMA PS1 Warm Up Mix, a personal favorite.

In his own words, the new EP from Marcell Everett is “a collection of tracks in different styles recorded from Valentine’s Day 2013 and so on.” It’s the most diverse thing we’ve ever heard him put out, and I’m sure there was meaning behind releasing it under his given name instead of his xxyyxx moniker. On “Grandma,” we hear him sing for the first time, and the low-fi song sounds like a bootleg from In The Aeroplane Over the Sea, while album closer “気持ちいい” soflty plays with acoustic guitar chords until it slowly fades away. But that is not to say the same artist we have grown to love is gone- within seconds of the opening track “Celebrate,” he immediately pulls you in with melodic basslines and drum beats, and doesn’t let go for the short duration of the track. Overall, it is exactly how Marcell put it, a collection of different genres; if nothing else, this album showcases his diversity as an artist and really emphasizes the creative range the young seventeen year-old producer possesses.


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