Hands down one of my favorite producers to have stumbled across this year has been Denmark’s Bwoy De Bhajan. If you need a little crunchy and textured bass goodness to rattle around those ear drums for a bit you will be quite satisfied by this skillful producer. Now he has been a little quiet on the release front as of late but I first came across Bwoy De Bhajan through his contributions to the talented Birdview Crew whom have a real knack for putting out stellar compilations on a month to month basis. This fresh tune from Bwoy De Bhajan paints a picture of moist and misty river valleys throughout the entirety of ‘Gypsy Otters Of New Orlasia’ that cannot help but leave you with visions of some lush otter inhabited oasis. This beautifully crafted soundscape is just a small taste of what Bwoy De Bhajan has to offer so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for this producer on the rise if you don’t delve into his previous work yourself first!

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