Summer has ended. This bitter realization is one all music enthusiasts must come to grips with, as sweltering music festivals are replaced with low-light winter depression. However, the first ever TomorrowWorld, held on the massive grounds of Chattahoochee Hills, GA: September 27-29, 2013, offered one final vestige of summer for those unwilling to relinquish these coveted and fleeting moments.

From the Belgian brothers that birthed Tomorrowland, considered to be the world’s largest electronic music festival, TomorrowWorld gathered eager music enthusiasts from across the globe. In a world where after-movies and manicured festival recap videos offer a brief exposé of the most insane and energetic moments of a show, it is easy to enter an event with over-the-top expectations. Having viewed, mouth agape, the motion-picture-quality videos and recaps of Tomorrowlands past, it was impossible for us at The Dankles to not go into this experience without monumental expectations. Those expectations were decimated by the production, detail, and talent that went into this first ever TomorrowWorld.

TomorrowWorld transcends the one dimensional “festival” moniker. This was an experience. The production value was almost obscene, considering the grand display would only be enjoyed for three days before its inevitable disassembling. Man-made quarter mile bridges lay across pristine lakes as giant bionic fish floated on the surface, spitting flames. Each of the eight elaborate stages received as much detail and distinct originality as the main “Book of Wisdom” stage, as seen at Tomorrowland in 2012. An Arabian Palace nestled away in the woods blared trap while the Q Dance fire-breathing scorpion hurled hardstyle at the bottom of a steep hill. As soon as I thought I had stumbled upon an un-explored/inhabited area, a chorus of gasps would float from around a corner where lasers danced among blissful revelers.

While familiar elements remained (kandi-clad male ballerinas, cliché “Pussy-Molly-Weed” t-shirts, ghost-faced over-indulgers, you know the drill), there was a distinct undertone yet undiscovered by todays monolithic electronic festivals. The madness was fully embraced by every one of us, we wouldn’t have it any other way, but there was an element of understood self-control and community inherent at TomorrowWorld. The magnitude of talented artists and ostentatious theatrics were the featured stimulus. There wasn’t time for pretension or genre-superiority as the hundreds of thousands listened and looked on in amazement.

The following acts left an indelible mark on TomorrowWorld and The Dankles crew lucky enough to catch said artists:

RL Grime (Possibly the most elaborate production seen at TomorrowWorld.)


Tiesto (No, we are not joking.)


Carnage (A diverse set coupled with undying enthusiasm.)


In the end, these words are all for not. TomorrowWorld is an indescribable experience, and one that must be encountered first hand. Hours of recap videos and endless articles can only paint a picture and heighten expectations. In an often oversaturated music scene, TomorrowWorld shined.  Go to TomorrowWorld. I’ll see you there.