Now over the past few years Australia has gotten one of the most oddly skewed pictures of itself painted in my mind (considering I still have yet to make the trip). This land I envision to be chock full of wonky animals, beautifully contrasting landscapes, and talented producers from all ends of the music spectrum continues to amaze me by the day. Just the other day Oliver Tank released a new track on which he got some love from the multifaceted Ta-Ku on and I cannot get enough. Being one of my favorite vocalists to come across since Chet Faker earlier this year (coincidentally they are both from Australia) it pleases my ears that this is another soothingly mellow release from this young musician. This track comes in with a hollow airy beat that immediately sweeps you off your feet as Tank’s voice swings in to dim the lights and make things a little more sensual. Weaving an almost spooky lullaby throughout Ta-Ku’s production we can’t help but hope these two get the chance to work on material again in the future!

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