Our favorite Australian beat-maker, Flume, is back at it recruiting Freddie Gibbs on a deluxe edition of his track “Holdin On”.  Flume has seen nothing but success following his huge debut self-titled LP.  Freddie Gibbs and Flume have both risen to the top of the game recently.  Freddie Gibbs released an exclusive track for GTA V (not to mention all the other hard tracks we’ve seen from him) and Flume has been on tour around the United States selling out nearly every venue.  Well, it seems Flume has seen such a huge response for his LP that a deluxe edition will be released soon.  This track will be included on the deluxe edition, but we if had to guess there will be some other exciting editions to the deluxe version.  The deluxe edition will be available on Itunes on November 8th and pre-order will begin on October 18th.  This track is unstoppable to begin with and now that Freddie Gibbs is featured we can’t stop playing this on repeat.  Though Gibbs only has one verse on the track it’s especially good and you don’t want to miss this.  Listen below.


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