We like the mix up the exclusive material we bring you guys on a week to week basis; whether we are bringing you booming bass, back snapping trap tracks, or laid back beats we understand that not every listener out there has the same taste in sound. So in light of that we have a whimsical remix from a talented west coast producer who goes by the name of Cosmic Quest. He has put his own spin on the young singer/songstress Molly Wiliams ‘Molly Looks As If’ and personally a few of us cannot get enough. Taking this track down a much more spacey and atmospheric path than the piano driven original this is definitely a breath of fresh air to some of you whose fancies aren’t necessarily tickled by the big bass sounds we have been bringing. Luckily enough Cosmic Quest let us hook you guys up with this remix free of charge! We are bringing this to you guys first thing today just incase you might need a little added nudge to get the hump day rolling.

Cosmic Quest on Facebook | SoundCloud
Molly Williams on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud


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