I’ve been anticipating this song. I’ve been anticipating this song for so long that the minute it was released I sprinted out of my lecture to listen to it. Why? Let’s just say that gLAdiator and Tropkillaz have yet to disappoint. The dynamic double-duo’s new collaborative trap banger “Double Dragon” seamlessly continues this trend.

“Double Dragon” is the love child of up-and-coming artists gLAdiator and Tropkillaz. No paternity test required here; the track’s musical phenotype is an artful blend of her parents’ unique approaches to bass music. The track is almost aggressively versatile, as relentless and vivacious as a human child but undeniably more mature. Trill-seekers everywhere, rejoice, “Double Dragon” is yet another example of the evolution of trap music.

Both gLAdiator and Tropkillaz are guilty of seducing the trap scene. LA natives gLAdiator have been making waves since long before the release of “GameCube Nintendo”, which has been a staple in trap sets for the better part of a year. Along with “twerk” music came Tropkillaz, a pair of Brazilians who know how to drop a beat. You might recognize Tropkillaz as the ass-shaking catalyst behind their track with Yellow Claw, “Assets”, on Yellow Claw’s Amsterdam Twerk Music EP.


Download “Double Dragon” for double the real trap shit, and be sure to blast that baby. Keep your ears open; I guarantee gLAdiator & Tropkillaz aren’t done with them yet.


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