F For You (Onra Remix) - Disclosure

No one can dispute the powerhouse year that Disclosure has had. Guy and Howard Lawrence, the two brothers from across the pond, have been credited with bringing the underground scene of deep house to the surface and giving the genre a new face. They were voted by BBC as one of the “Hot Ten for 2013”, with two consecutive top ten singles and their debut album Settle hitting no. 1 on the UK album chart. They have been the must see item at almost every festival this year and their concerts continue to sell out in mere minutes. Needless to say their music has been an inspiration for many producers, with countless remixes coming out. The most recent artist to release a remix is Onra, putting a new spin on the standout track “F For You”.

Producing by the age of nineteen, Onra over the years has taken his craft to new heights and has earned a reputation for his imaginative live performances and his ability to twist and shape genres into new ways, experimenting with R&B, disco and electro house. The producer has seen a rise in attention over the years, including an EP release on Fool’s Gold. On a trip to Vietnam growing up was when Onra first fell in love with hip-hop music, and you can hear those early influences in many of his tracks which range from remixes of Juicy J to originals with Cool Kids member Chuck Inglish. With the percussions and synths playing effortlessly off of the echoing vocals, Onra’s remix of Disclosure takes a detour from the dance route the original lays forth and slows the track down to a late night tempo. It’s a slinky and seductive re-imagining of the track, blurring the lines between bass, trap and 80’s style R&B. It’s a song you can curl up to as the evening winds down, and Onra is giving it away for free. Be sure to give it a listen below and download it here.

Listen / Download: F For You (Onra Remix) – Disclosure


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