Gesaffelstein is going to turn some serious heads when his debut album, Aleph, drops on October 28th.  Though this is only the first taste of the new album, you can be sure that the rest is going to be just as hard, dark and erie as anything the young French producer has released in the past.  Ever since Justice released Audio, Video, Disco to mixed reviews I’ve looked to Gesaffelstein to provide the step-sister follow-up to .  I need hard-hitting tracks like “Genesis” and “Waters Of Nazareth” back in my life and I think Gesaffelstein is the man to do it.  If you’ve listened to his work in the past you should be able to immediately tell he’s on the same course but with newer, more exciting sounds.

“Hate Or Glory” is the second single from the long awaited album and it’s exactly what I hoped for.  Ominous intros and dissonant sounds paired together create an hazy and erie world inside the music video, but once the drum beat arrives you’ll feel as if you’re unstoppable.  If you’ll recall “Pursuit”, the equally awesome track and music video, was the first single (read more and listen).  If you watch both music videos back to back you’ll notice immediate comparisons in style and feel because Fleur & Manu direct both videos.  The story follows a thug in the streets with a taste for gold not only around his neck but on his entire body.  Watch more and find out.

You can pre-order Aleph now on Itunes.



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