It has been two years since Donald Glover released his official album Camp to lukewarm reviews (including an infamous 1.6 score given from Pitchfork). In the meantime, we have gotten a large amount of remixes of the album single “Heartbeat,” but none have twisted it like this and made a truly incredibly song out of what many felt was a mediocre radio-rap single. Colorado DJ by way of East Lansing, GRiZ, has taken an incredibly unique approach to the song and it is different than the funky, glitch-hop style we saw in his album Mad Liberation.
The song starts with a slow piano and a pitched-up version of Childish Gambino‘s singing the hook, before a drum beat comes in that makes you believe that GRiZ is going to drop this into another “Blastaa” or “The Future is Now.” But instead he takes a much more subtle approach, with bouncy chords and looped vocals that make it impossible to sit still to. When Childish Gambino comes in with his verse, GRiZ‘s beat perfectly complements his emotion and allows the best part of the original to stand out. I truly believe there is nothing this young producer cannot do and I cannot wait to see what the rest of 2013 has in store for him. Make sure to catch him alongside Gramatik for a special GRiZMATIK Halloween concert this month at 1st Bank Center in Broomfield, CO.


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