Told ya we wouldn’t leave you guys hanging. Hot on the heels of our earlier premiere of Vass‘s remix  of  ‘Hell Over You’ we have an exclusive early download for you. A fresh face to the Denver seen, Knobby Roots is not far from releasing his debut EP ‘Scatterbrain’, which is sure to cause some ripples once the public lays ears on this cosmic six track release. In anticipation for this hefty release of his we were told we could hook you guys up and bring you one tune off of ‘Scatterbrain’ a few weeks early! Scatterbrain will be debuting in full October 22nd when Knobby Roots himself releases the EP. What we have for you today is the closing track from the EP ‘Cruisin Solo’, here you get your final dose of atmospheric spacey hip hop beats as Knobby Roots closes out ‘Scatterbrain’. Now I’m sure hearing the closing track can only make you wonder what else is wrapped up in this vibrant up and coming debut from this talented producer, but that you will just have to wait to find out!

Knobby Roots on Facebook | SoundCloud


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