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Today we thought we would bring you the first of two special gifts today a little earlier so you have plenty of time to take both of them in throughout your day. The first surprise we have comes in the form of an exclusive from remix from Vass of Sami‘s ‘Hell Over You’, the lead track off her most recent self titled EP. The EP debuted just about a month ago on HollyrockUSA and we couldn’t be more excited to have the opportunity to bring you guys this laid back rework from the Gainseville, FL duo Vass. They take the original and turn the energy level down a notch while sliding in dreamy vocal chops and smattering the whole remix with their own unique blend of bass and synth vibes. Later in the day we have another brand new exclusive coming down the pipes so be on your toes! Until then dive into this chilled out remix and to get the day going on a good foot!

Original Track:

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