Two names that I’m getting more and more familiar with every day is both Light Year and Louisahhh!!!.  Louisahhh!!! is a Bromance Records artist that produces and often lends her vocals for tracks.  The French artist has released music on Slow Roast, Hot Creations, Top Billin’ and many more.  Light Year is the Australian with a gift for making irresistible house music.  The two artists joined forces when in Los Angeles to produce this little treat that will have your body moving the whole way through.  While many Australian producers are perfecting their Melbourne Bounce, Light Year is taking the high-road and giving us techno-inspired tunes.  The track begins with a little percussion, then followed by Louisahhh!!!’s vocals pitched down quite a bit.  Then Louisahhh!!! jumps on the track for soft, almost talking vocals.  The track picks up speed and adds some simple synth-work and a big lush bassline.

Watch the music video for the track below in A Night “Inside” Sao Paulo Brazil.


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