One of those producers that just never ceases to amaze is the LA’s Falcons. Whether it’s his knack for picking the freshest throw back tracks to remix or the sexy bubbly vibes he lays down on them that makes him so damn catchy it’s your decision. This new remix of Busta Rhymes ‘Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See’ is the last teaser we get before his new EP drops on HW&W later this month so hopefully this tides everyone over. We get all the original flavors Busta laced in the track sprinkled with a surprisingly fresh laid back popping beat from Falcons. Incase you’re just getting your day started this will definitely get things rolling on the right foot and if your day’s already in full swing you will definitely wanna get this in the mix as you run from class to class. Now it’s only a few short weeks until we get some more fresh Falcons beats so until then enjoy this classy Busta rework and keep your eyes peeled on HW&W’s page for the release.

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